Rapid E.coli Detection Through Environmental Swab Testing

At NEMIS, we are passionate about revolutionising food safety, and our latest initiative has brought us closer to that goal. With this in mind, we introduced a game-changing rapid test for Escherichia coli (E. coli) and embarked on an exciting journey of discovery. As part of this campaign, we designed an extensive testing program among our esteemed customers, eager to uncover the hidden truths within the food production environment.

Testing Method and Sample Collection 

All participants received the N-LightTM E.coli tests and were advised to sample critical points (CPs), including hand swabs, door handles, and touchpads. Additionally, they had the flexibility to define their sampling areas, aligning with their specific needs. The collected samples underwent rapid testing, with results available within 16 hours, a significant improvement over the traditional diagnostic method. NEMIS' expert team meticulously evaluated the samples using their advanced E.coli diagnostic tools. 

Key Findings 

The environmental swab testing encompassed four prominent industry sectors: cheese, fruits & vegetables, meat, and fish. Out of the 58 NEMIS N-Light swab tests conducted, 16 samples were positive for E. coli, resulting in a detection rate of 35%. These findings shed light on the urgent need for proactive measures to mitigate E. coli contamination risks in the food production environment. 

Insights by Sector 

A deeper analysis revealed a concerning fact: 52% of the positive E. coli tests originated from the cheese sector alone. This discovery emphasises the significance of targeted interventions to address the high prevalence of E. coli in cheese production facilities. Moreover, the study indicated that 35% of the samples collected from employees' hands tested positive for E. coli, highlighting the crucial role of stringent hand hygiene practices in maintaining food safety. 

Equipping food producers with the best tools available to prioritise food safety is crucial. NEMIS' rapid E.coli detection test allows for the swift identification of this dangerous bacteria within just 16 hours, providing valuable time for appropriate actions to ensure product safety. This innovative diagnostic solution empowers the industry to proactively detect and address E.coli contamination, safeguarding the integrity of food products. 



It's crucial to prioritize food safety, and we want to empower you with the best tools available. Our new rapid test for E.coli allows you to detect this dangerous bacteria within just 16 hours, providing you with the valuable time needed to take appropriate actions and ensure the safety of your products.   

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