BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9: New Advancements in Food Safety Regulations

The release of BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9 on 1 August 2022 introduces significant advancements in the realm of food safety requirements. This update places particular emphasis on food safety culture, validation and verification processes, training and competence standards, and the audit protocol. Version 9 accentuates the improvement of food safety culture within organizations, necessitates the validation of changes prior to implementation, extends training obligations to encompass all staff members, and introduces a novel audit option called the "blended audit."

Food Safety Culture Implementation.

Version 9 underscores the paramount importance of food safety culture at the highest levels of management. It mandates clear commitments and activities aimed at improving the food safety culture within an organization.

Validation and Verification.

In the future, changes within food safety processes must undergo validation prior to implementation. Notably, the HACCP area is now subject to additional validation requirements, including the validation of control points and critical limits. Verification activities are no longer limited to an annual occurrence but should transpire at least once per year and promptly following any alterations or incidents.

Training and Competence.

Training requirements dictate that all personnel undergo training programs. The identification of training needs and the formulation of a plan to improve food safety and quality culture are now mandatory across the entire workforce. Specifically, the VACCP (Vulnerability Analysis Critical Control Point) and TACCP (Threat Assessment Critical Control Point) teams must possess comprehensive knowledge concerning food fraud and food defense principles.

Audit Protocol.

The "blended audit" option is new. This method encompasses two parts—an announced remote audit and an on-site audit. Unannounced audits have been scaled back, while the requirement for an announced audit remains obligatory every three years.

The NEMIS team has identified key insights from the BRCGS Food Safety Issue 9 release, which introduces significant advancements in food safety requirements. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the insights provided by the NEMIS, download our report summary below

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